Episode #226
How to Get Started with Public Speaking
March 14, 2017

In Episode #226, Eric and Neil discuss how to get started with public speaking. Tune in to learn several ways to find those speaking gigs, how it helps publicize your brand, and the benefits of using live, social media platforms for public speaking.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Get Started with Public Speaking
  • 00:35 – Neil shares about his first talk which was for Wikipedia
  • 00:51 – Neil shares how to get public speaking spots
    • 00:53 – Go to people, find conferences in your niche, and send them an application
    • 01:00 – Make sure your application is thorough
    • 01:13 – Add your social following in your application
    • 01:31 – Record a video on why you are a good fit as a speaker
  • 01:40 – It’s okay not to do well on your first speaking gig, but you’ll get used to it over time
  • 01:49 – It takes time and just apply to be a speaker
  • 02:05 – Apply to small and localized conferences
  • 03:00 – Eric shares how he did on his first speaking gig
  • 03:10 – When you first speak in front of people, it’s not about you, but what you can give to your audience and how you make them feel
  • 03:29 – Make your audiences do one thing that will stick with them
  • 03:40 – Eric asks the organizers about the audience
  • 04:12 – Neil shares about the pay
    • 04:20 – Neil normally charges from $40-50
  • 04:42 – If you’re starting out, your goal is personal branding
  • 04:55 – You can also do your own speaking with Facebook or YouTube Live
    • 05:20 – From there, you can try getting into conferences
  • 05:30 – A recorded YouTube video has more reach than speaking in conferences
  • 05:36 – You can get invited to conferences because of your podcast or YouTube videos
  • 05:54 – Leverage Facebook and YouTube Live as they’re free
  • 06:13 – Use Wirecast or Huzza to simulcast your video into different social media channels
  • 06:33 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. If you’re just starting out, focus on your personal branding as opposed to getting paid.
  2. Find conferences in your niche and send them a thorough application.
  3. Leverage social media channels’ live features – it’s free and can get you more reach.

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