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25.6% of All Searches Are Now Zero Click and Here’s What You Should Do #2295
December 01, 2022

In episode #2295, Neil and Eric talk about how 25.6% of all searches are now zero-click, and what you should do. Google’s new methods for displaying search results are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It now provides brief, collated answers to certain searches, resulting in the zero-click-per-search phenomenon. Tune in as we discuss this interesting trend and what you should do to ensure you keep getting clicks.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: 25.6% of All Searches Are Now Zero Click and Here’s What You Should Do.
  • [00:25] An overview of the study done by Semrush and its findings on zero click trends.
  • [00:41] The definition of zero-click and why it’s on the rise.
  • [01:18] How to counteract the zero-click trend.
  • [01:25] Tips on how to find long-tail keywords to avoid zero-click search results.
  • [02:03] How to get traffic through other search engines, like Quora.
  • [03:50] How building an excellent brand and community can help you combat the zero-click trend. 
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