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2M Monthly Podcast Downloads, Selling to HubSpot, Twitter Growth, and Angel Investing with Sam Parr. #2009
February 17, 2022
In episode #2009, Eric talks with Sam Parr about getting two million monthly podcast downloads, selling to HubSpot, Twitter growth, and angel investing. Listeners may know Sam from his podcast, My First Million, or as the founder of The Hustle, one of America’s fastest-growing media companies, which was recently sold to HubSpot. Tuning in you’ll hear Sam discuss the art of making podcasts, why he’s loved working with HubSpot, and how the concept of The Commander’s Intent has influenced his podcast. He breaks down the top three things that have helped him grow his monthly podcast downloads, like advertising on other podcasts, or being a guest on another show. We also discuss marketing and we unpack how Sam cracked the Twitter code, why he decided it wasn’t worth the effort, and how he uses the platform today. He also shares his approach to his personal finances, the book that had the biggest impact on him, and what he’s learned from angel investing. To learn more about Sam’s incredible career, along with plenty of podcasting and marketing advice, make sure you tune in today!
  • [00:20] Today’s topic: 2M Monthly Podcast Downloads, Selling to HubSpot, Twitter Growth, Angel Investing with Sam Parr.
  • [00:20] Introducing today’s guest Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle. 
  • [01:20] Sam shares his outlook on his personal finances.
  • [04:09] What Sam is best known for and what he’s working on right now.
  • [05:31] Why Sam is choosing to focus on his podcast and some of the things he’s done to grow it.
  • [09:03] The most effective strategies for increasing your monthly downloads. 
  • [10:14] Why you need to allow room for spontaneity in your podcasts.
  • [10:36] The term Billy of the Week and its surprising popularity on Sam’s podcast.
  • [11:37] The Agora newsletter and why it’s such a fascinating topic.
  • [16:14] Sam’s thoughts on Grammarly and the exceptional founder of Toucan. 
  • [17:47] The concept of the commander’s intent and how it shapes the way Sam prepares for podcast episodes.
  • [19:46] How the output of their podcast has shifted.
  • [22:23] How Sam was able to sell The Hustle to HubSpot.
  • [24:55] Sam’s advice on how to work on your podcasting as a craft. 
  • [25:58] What chargeable analytics can teach you about your retention.
  • [29:28] The benefit of being part of HubSpot and how it allows Sam to focus purely on the content.
  • [29:55] Some of the swaps they’ve done with other shows and their positive outcomes.
  • [31:35] The one hack that has had the biggest impact on their downloads. 
  • [33:31] How Sam grew his following on Twitter and why he stopped.
  • [35:08] Why Sam has loved working with HubSpot.
  • [40:46] Sam’s work as an angel investor and what he’s currently interested in.
  • [44:10] Sam’s interest in real estate and how he is investing in it. 
  • [49:22] Sam’s book recommendation: Mastery by Robert Greene.
  • [50:47] Why investing in a high-quality podcasting setup has been so beneficial.
  • [52:44] Why Sam never takes his phone into his bedroom.
  • [53:50] That’s it for today!
  • [53:53] Go to https://marketingschool.io/live to learn more!
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