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5 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Finish 2022 Strong #2132
June 20, 2022

In episode #2132, Neil and Eric talk about five customer acquisition strategies to finish 2022 strong. Tune in for some great tips, like how to use influencer marketing and how to buy attention in a contracting market. We also unpack how you can add free tools to your website and why you should double down on the channels you already have. Make sure you tune in for some great strategies on how to finish 2022 on a high!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: five customer acquisition strategies to finish 2022 strong.
  • [00:26] How to use PR or influencer marketing.
  • [01:12] Learn about Spin the Wheel by Privy.
  • [01:51] How to buy attention in a contracting market.
  • [02:25] Why you should add a free tool to your website with CodeCanyon.
  • [02:54] How to focus on the channels you already have.
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