Episode #1487
5 Likely Reasons Why Your Landing Page Isn’t Converting

August 28, 2020

In episode #1487, we share the five most likely reasons why your landing page is not performing as well as you expected. There are many reasons why people might visit your page and leave without making a purchase, so try to identify and address all the things that might be stopping them. Tune in to hear about the framework that helps you create landing pages with high conversion rates! 
[00:25] Today’s topic: Five Likely Reasons Why Your Landing Page Is Not Converting. 
[00:35] Your landing page might not answer the objections people have. 
[01:13] Copywriting does not have to be hard – you just have to know how people think. 
[01:51] Write content that touches on people’s dreams, fears, and feelings in general.
[02:40] Think about the reasons why people might not be buying from you and address them. 
[04:16] Hear about the framework that helps you create landing pages that convert.
[04:56] The importance of the UPSYD method from Breakthrough Advertising. 
[05:52] Ensure that your price is not too expensive compared to your competitors’.
[06:12] If your offer is super expensive, show people why it is worth the money. 
[06:36] Even if you write the best copy, if your pricing is off, the conversion will be slow. 
[07:04] That’s it for today!
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