Episode #1479
5 Reasons Why Your YouTube Ads Aren’t Converting
August 20, 2020

In episode #1479, we talk about five reasons why your YouTube ads are not converting! If you are using YouTube ads, there are certain common pitfalls and reasons why people are not getting the results that they could be. In this episode, we look at five of these, so tune in to hear about remarketing your traffic, the important of pattern-interrupting, and more!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: 5 Reasons Why Your YouTube Ads Are Not Converting.
  • [00:35] Looking at the power of YouTube ads and comparing them with ads on Facebook.
  • [01:02] Why you have to pattern-interrupt on YouTube.
  • [01:23] Remarket your traffic and flip your pitches for higher conversion.
  • [01:59] New hooks mean new conversions — switch it up!
  • [02:46] Collecting emails from YouTube ads when applicable.
  • [03:03] Lessons from Breakthrough Advertising; understanding the customer journey.
  • [03:54] That’s it for today!
  • [03:56] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information or call us on 310-349-3785!


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