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6 Ways Digital Marketers Must Change #2040
March 20, 2022

In episode #2040, Neil and Eric talk about 6 ways digital marketers must change. We’ve seen a lot of developments in digital marketing over the past ten years. In our conversation, we discuss how to adapt as a digital marketer in today’s media landscape, and how to continue to evolve your craft and your business. Tuning in you’ll learn about the importance of delegation, recruitment, why you should always be experimenting, and much more!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: 6 Ways Digital Marketers Must Change.
  • [00:30] Why digital marketers need to adapt and learn how to use AI.
  • [01:04] The importance of mastering the art of delegation and recruiting.
  • [01:59] How to experiment as a marketer and why it’s important.
  • [03:10] The concept of omnichannel and how to hit the best channels.
  • [03:55] Why you need to be discerning about the marketing information and advice that is currently out there.
  • [04:51] The importance of doing your own research.
  • [05:18] The blue ocean strategy and why it’s about thinking long term. 
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