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7 Copywriting Hacks for High-Converting Copy #2205
September 01, 2022

In episode #2205, Neil and Eric talk about 7 copywriting hacks for high-converting copy. Despite the rise in video content, text on the page continues to have a uniquely high impact on conversions. So it’s important for you to create engaging copy that sells your product! Learn how you can use your website to convert readers into customers by writing intriguing headlines, leveraging your data, incorporating testimonials, and much more! 


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: 7 Copywriting Hacks for High-Converting Copy.
  • [00:28] An overview of what we mean by high-converting copy.
  • [00:38] How comparisons can help you increase conversion rates.
  • [00:57] The concept of anchoring, and how to implement it by breaking down how you are providing a better deal than your competitor.
  • [01:21] Why you should be incorporating stellar testimonials.
  • [01:43] How to address all the potential objections people may have to buying your product.
  • [03:03] Use your company data to back up your claims.
  • [03:32] How to optimally write your headlines and encourage followers to read further. 
  • [04:26] Think about how your writing can be entertaining. 
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