Episode #294
7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Content Marketing
May 21, 2017

In Episode #294, Eric and Neil discuss the 7 question to ask yourself before investing in content marketing. Tune in to learn why these questions are necessary for you to answer in deciding whether or not content marketing is right for you.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Content Marketing
  • 00:36 – Question 1: what are your goals? Are you trying to get more traffic or are you trying to get more leads? What is informed branding? What are you trying to do, specifically, that will shape your campaign?
  • 00:46 – If you don’t have goals, you can’t manage what you’re doing
  • 01:01 – The action that you take will depend on your goal
  • 01:16 – Second is, how long are you going to make an investment?
    • 01:22 – “If you’re not willing to make the investment for a year without seeing an ROI, content marketing isn’t for you”
    • 01:17 – Content marketing is a long-term play
  • 01:39 – Third is, who is your target audience?
    • 01:51 – Figure out your target audience first then figure out the personas you’re trying to create
  • 02:07 – Fourth is, can you produce 3 pieces of blog content a week?
    • 02:12 – If you can’t, then it is not right for you
    • 02:24 – Producing 3 articles a week should be done in over a year
    • 02:27 – You can hire people from Problogger if you have the budget
  • 02:39 – Fifth is, what do you want to share and why you do want to share?
    • 02:56 – When producing content, think about why sharing it will help you accomplish your objectives?
    • 03:29 – People tend to produce content just for the sake of it which is a BIG mistake
  • 03:44 – Sixth is, is one of your competitors already doing content marketing and is successful at it? Is there someone you want to model after?
    • 03:52 – Typically, what works for your competition will work for you, too
    • 04:00 – If there are people in your space who are doing content marketing, use BuzzSumo and Ahrefs to figure out what drives them traffic and copy them
  • 04:13 – Last is, what can you do differently?
    • 04:20 – Podcasts are getting popular and most marketing people are still doing blog posts
    • 04:51 – Search for Blue Ocean Strategy and apply the concepts for doing content marketing
  • 05:14 – Marketing School is giving away a free subscription to FunnelDash which helps you track the lifetime ROI of your Facebook campaigns
    • 05:27 – Subscribe, rate and review Marketing School
    • 05:31 – Text MARKETINGSCHOOL to 33444
  • 05:53 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Establish clear and concise goals—this will guide your actions.
  2. Producing valuable content thrice a week is essential for the success of content marketing.
  3. Look around your space and see how people are doing it—if it works for them, it might work for you, too.

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