Episode #963
7 Questions to Make Sure Your Next Marketing Hire is a Slam Dunk 
March 21, 2019

In episode #963, we count out the 7 questions you need to ask a potential marketing hire. See which questions we think will guarantee that your next hire is a slam dunk.

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  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: 7 Questions to Make Sure Your Next Marketing Hire is a Slam Dunk
  • [00:36] 1: How do you get better at marketing?
  • [00:41] What are you reading to enhance your skills and understanding of the field?
  • [00:52] Marketing is ever-evolving, so you have to read blogs to stay up-to-date.
  • [01:20] 2: What would you change?
  • [01:30] If they can’t tell you how they would improve your business, how will they be as a hire?
  • [02:07] 3: Have them do a paid trial.
  • [02:55] 4: What do you do when an experiment fails?
  • [03:06] A great way to understand their thought process.
  • [03:30] 5: If you had $10 Million, in what would you invest?
  • [03:50] A great way to gain insight into the potential hire.
  • [04:05] Also a way to gauge how humble or arrogant they are.
  • [04:11] 6: What do you think our competitors are doing that we are not, but should be?
  • [04:56] 7: What is your most impressive marketing accomplishment?
  • [05:00] This will give insight into how they think and what their skills are.
  • [05:37] That’s all for today!
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