Episode #1036
7 Simple Ways to Do Due Diligence On A Website
June 02, 2019

In episode #1036, we discuss 7 ways to do your due diligence. Tune in to hear the 7 steps you should take to fully investigate a website’s potential.

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  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: 7 Simple Ways to Do Due Diligence On A Website
  • [00:40] This is just a way of saying you need to comb a site and check everything out.
  • [01:00] 1: Use Ubersuggest.
  • [01:15] Check out organic keywords.
  • [01:50] 2: Similar Web.
  • [02:14] They break down the regions from which you are getting traffic.
  • [03:02] 3: Ask for reports.
  • [03:30] There are tons of reports you can ask for.
  • [03:45] 4: Ask what changes the site has tested.
  • [04:04] This will help you determine growth potential.
  • [04:20] 5: SpyFu and AdBeat.
  • [04:30] These tools will help you determine ad spend.
  • [05:07] 6:Talk to the customers.
  • [05:23] It will help you determine the needs of customers.
  • [06:00] 7: Ask the company what they want.
  • [06:20] Once you determine their needs, this helps you get to the heart of the issues at hand.
  • [06:51] If you are not 110% sure, don’t move forward.
  • [07:21] That’s it for today!
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