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7 Timeless Marketing Principles That Are Still Relevant in 2022 #2123
June 11, 2022

In episode #2123, Neil and Eric share 7 timeless marketing principles that are still relevant in 2022. There are many things to keep up with within the rapidly changing marketing space, like newly released ad formats, but there are still a lot of marketing principles that remain timeless. Tune in to learn about the rule of seven, the AIDA principle, and other fundamental lessons that never lose their relevance!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: 7 Timeless Marketing Principles That Are Still Relevant in 2022.
  • [00:37] The AIDA principle: attention, interest, decision, and action.
  • [01:07] The rule of seven: when someone interacts with your brand seven times they’re much more likely to remember it.
  • [01:30] Understand that if you’re starting from nothing, it’s going to take some time to build a brand.
  • [02:00] The significant role of content, from text, to audio and video.
  • [02:31] How to capitalize on new ad formats.
  • [03:11] Why there is always money in the follow-up and why you need to focus on the long-term strategy.
  • [03:52] When to expect a decrease in click-through rates. 
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