Episode #120
7 Ways to Become a Thought Leader
November 28, 2016

In Episode #120, Neil and Eric share the 7 ways you can become a thought leader. Listen as Neil shares his experience in becoming a thought leader to help you become one as well.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: 7 Ways to Become a Thought Leader
  • 00:36 – Becoming a thought leader requires a mix of everything
  • 01:17 – #1 Don’t just focus on one channel
  • 01:46 – Neil describes how he became a thought leader
  • 02:08 – Find your unique angle
  • 03:22 – Join YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council)
  • 03:45 – Go to LinkedIn and reach out to editors of large publications
  • 04:19 – Using large publications is a bit overused, but still a good tactic
  • 04:25 – #2 Guest post
  • 04:42 – #3 Find your niche
  • 05:36 – #4 Choose the platform you will use
  • 06:49 – #5 Do something that makes you stand out
  • 07:32 – Neil does crazy experiments
  • 07:57 – #6 Take whatever you can
  • 08:57 – #7 Don’t forget to focus on PR
  • 09:39 – Use free solutions with HARO
  • 09:58 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Find your niche, find what SETS YOU APART.  
  2. If you don’t stand out, you don’t get remembered.
  3. Don’t think that you’re too big or important for anything—just get your voice out there!

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