Episode #1414
7 Ways To Keep Your Marketing Knowledge Fresh
June 15, 2020

In episode #1414, we give you seven ways you can use to keep your marketing knowledge fresh! There is a whole bunch of thought leadership out there on this topic and today you’ll hear tips for how to use software platforms, link with people, and filter, save, and connect to content so you can keep up to date with the best of it!




[00:25] Today’s topic: 7 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Knowledge Fresh.

[00:30] Following the world’s best thought leaders on Twitter, and saving to Pocket.

[01:11] How to hone in on the best of what YouTube creators have to offer.

[01:45] Staying on top of lesser-known trends by reading paid newsletters.

[02:26] Checking out industry-related events many of which are held online now.

[03:05] Copywriting advice to be found at marketingexamples.com.

[03:43] Learning from your competition on podcasts!

[04:24] Joining groups and learning from those you follow on Facebook. 

[05:03] That’s it for today!

[05:05] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information.


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:



The Hustle


The Information

Hot Pod News

Wall Street Journal

The Economist

New York Times


Growth Everywhere

Leveling Up

Chris Von Wilpert

Sumo Group

Joel Erway


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