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8-Figure Bootstrapped Agency Blueprint
June 15, 2024

In this bonus episode, we give you a sneak peek into what our Agency Owners Association (AOA) hangouts look like. We discuss the importance of client recap reports, the potential of AI consulting for ...

Engagement grew on X despite controversy, research finds, Beverly Hills schools struggle to fill classrooms, $6.6M SaaS built off of YouTube influencers, What is warm outbound sales?
June 14, 2024

In episode #2758, we discuss he effectiveness of different marketing tactics, such as influencer marketing and email marketing, and share examples of successful campaigns. We also touch on the current...

The marketing genius of the Kardashians, and What Eric gets out of YPO retreats
June 13, 2024

In episode #2757, we discuss the marketing powerhouse that the Kardashians are and how they control their messaging and connect with their audience. The conversation then shifts to Eric's YPO retreat ...

Gamestop’s Roaring Kitty play backfires, Marketing leaders in dialogue at AI summit in New York: ‘This is 2001 all over again’, Eight Sleep’s amazing SEO & brand strategy (22M monthly searches)
June 12, 2024

In episode #2756, we discuss the recent GameStop stock action, the role of influencers in driving stock price, the use of AI as a creative tool in advertising, and the importance of building a strong ...

How SEOs hijack Reddit, The impact of Google’s search leak for businesses, Google responds to leak: Documentation lacks context, Do brand searches drive SEO up exponentially?, and Perplexity AI’s big SEO campaign
June 11, 2024

In episode #2755, we discuss the hijacking of Reddit for traffic, the impact of Google search leaks, the importance of quality content and user experience, the role of brand searches, and the potentia...

Pixar is laying off 14% of its workforce, Liquid Death is giving away a functional $400k fighter jet or a briefcase full of $250k cash, How to build a community, How the Barbie movie cost me $10k, Do fake podcast ads work?
June 10, 2024

In episode #2754, we discuss the value of quality content, the impracticality of a fighter jet giveaway, the growth of their community, the expenses of a Barbie-themed party, and the effectiveness of ...

Outreach Secrets: Winning Tactics to Engage Decision Makers
June 08, 2024

In this bonus episode, we give you a sneak peek into what our Agency Owners Association (AOA) hangouts look like. We discuss strategies for getting through gatekeepers, and tactics such as using Linke...

Trump campaign raises $53M after verdict, GameStop shares jump 30% after ‘Roaring Kitty’ trader posts account showing $116 million position, Chanel scrutinized over viral posts
June 07, 2024

In episode #2753, we discussed the fundraising success of a convicted felon, the GameStop stock frenzy, exclusivity in luxury brands, and the marketing strategies of Marie Forleo. ...

Should you raise money today?, How to get a 73% free trial conversion rate, Netflix ads tier hits 40 million subscribers, and Netflix’s password crackdown leads to…
June 06, 2024

In episode #2752, we discussed raising money for startups, the impact of liquidation preferences on founders, knowing when to raise capital, the effectiveness of free trial conversion rates, and the e...