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Zoominfo’s SEO gets torched, The early winner of AI is…consultants?, How Steve Jobs was taught what a good ad looks like, and Google dropping continuous scroll in search results
July 12, 2024

In episode #2777, we discuss the collapse of ZoomInfo's organic traffic, the short-term gains and long-term drawbacks of certain SEO strategies, the success of consulting companies in the AI boom, the...

Does embedding YouTube videos help with SEO rankings?, Over-optimized SEO features associated with Google traffic declines, CMO tenure falls to lowest level in more than a decade, and AI will make marketing harder, not easier
July 11, 2024

In episode #2776, we discuss embedding YouTube videos to boost website traffic and conversions, Google's preference for its own platforms, and the challenges CMOs face with short tenures and AI's grow...

Perplexity’s keyword visibility goes up 86%, Why mainstream media is dead, and SaaS companies are spending $2.64 to generate $1 of revenue
July 09, 2024

In episode #2775, we discuss programmatic SEO, the effectiveness of AI overviews, the rise of podcasts and the decline of mainstream media, the challenges of SaaS companies in generating revenue, the ...

Undisclosed marketing tactics from Neil Patel & Eric Siu, and Companies are taking a stance on meritocracy
July 08, 2024

In episode #2774, we discuss our marketing tactics that have been effective for our businesses, such as using QR codes in webinars, running paid ads to webinars for warm leads, leveraging programmatic...

Don’t Create a Personal Brand If You Want to Do This as an Agency Owner
July 06, 2024

In this bonus episode, we give you a sneak peek into what our Agency Owners Association (AOA) hangouts look like. We discuss personal branding, corporate brand building, scaling strategies, SEO's role...

Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s Biggest Business Mistakes
July 05, 2024

In episode #2773, we discuss our biggest marketing and business mistakes in the last 12 months. Neil talks about the expansion of his ad agency, NP Digital, to multiple countries and the significant i...

Why e-commerce and UGC are crushing for SEO while affiliate sites are dying, and MEI (Merit, Excellence, Intelligence) vs DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)
July 04, 2024

In episode #2772, we discuss the shift in search engine results pages (SERPs) from displaying more affiliate product review content to more e-commerce and user-generated content (UGC). This shift make...

How Zapier got $575m worth of SEO traffic, AI Overview data that will blow your mind, Google AI Overviews showing less often, with less Reddit, data shows
July 03, 2024

In episode #2771, we discuss Zapier's $575M monthly organic traffic from ranking alternative and competitor keywords. Despite a $5B valuation and $250-280M ARR, we stress optimizing for revenue over t...

The hidden agenda behind the presidential debate, RFK’s alternate presidential debate, and Prepare to go all in on video for LinkedIn and X
July 02, 2024

In episode #2770, we dive into the fascinating world where politics, media, and digital strategy intersect. From the carefully crafted narratives in traditional debates to Robert F. Kennedy's groundbr...

Apple pays OpenAI…nothing?, and How to get 2.5B views from shorts/reels/TikToks
July 01, 2024

In episode #2769, we discuss how Apple isn't paying OpenAI for integration but values the distribution. If OpenAI drives significant users and revenue, Apple might seek a share. We also talk about gai...

Communities as the new SEO, Airbnb’s customer service fiasco, Elon takes ‘likes’ private, & more
June 28, 2024

In episode #2768, we discuss the growing role of communities like Reddit in SEO and the impact of poor customer service on reputations, citing Airbnb. We note Twitter's private likes boost engagement ...

Is TOFU content now useless for SEO?, Meta plans to cut VPs, and The marketing strategy Eric and Neil use to get enterprise accounts
June 27, 2024

In episode #2767, we discuss the marketing strategies we use to generate enterprise accounts, including specific content creation, webinars, events, and dinners, and the benefits of offering multiple ...