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How to Deal with Ad Fatigue #2629
December 07, 2023

In episode #2629, We discuss how to deal with ad fatigue in the ever-evolving world of marketing. We define ad fatigue as the decline in performance due to repetitive ads. Signs of ad fatigue include ...

Why Neil & Eric Are Going Harder on Written Content Now #2628
December 06, 2023

In episode #2628, We discuss why we are focusing more on written content and how it helps us create other types of content. We've found that creating written content, particularly in the form of tweet...

The TikTokification of Everything #2627
December 05, 2023

In episode #2627, We discuss the 'Tiktokification' of social media platforms, where various platforms are adopting features similar to TikTok to capitalize on its success. We emphasize the importance ...

The Creativity Faucet Concept (This Will 10x Your Content) #2626
December 04, 2023

In episode #2626, We discuss the concept of the creativity faucet and how it can help overcome writer's block and generate better content. We suggest using Twitter or reading to get ideas and warm up ...

Audience TAM vs Revenue TAM #2625
December 03, 2023

In episode #2625, We discuss the difference between audience TAM (Total Addressable Market) and revenue TAM. We explain that venture capitalists often look at the total addressable market when investi...

The Anatomy of New York Times’ Revenue #2624
December 02, 2023

In episode #2624, We discuss the breakdown of the New York Times' revenue. We highlight the significant role of affiliate marketing in generating income for the company, with Wirecutter affiliate comm...

These New OpenAI Developments Will Change Marketing Forever #2623
December 01, 2023

In episode #2623, We discuss recent developments from OpenAI that will revolutionize marketing. OpenAI now allows us to create our own GPT without coding, enabling our company to quickly generate data...

Dark Social’s False Attribution to ‘Direct’ Traffic #2622
November 30, 2023

In episode #2622, We discuss the challenges of accurately tracking web traffic in the age of dark social. We highlight the misclassification of social referral traffic as direct and the impact it has ...

Why Millionaires & Billionaires are Becoming Content Creators #2621
November 29, 2023

In episode #2621, We explore the strategies of successful content creators, drawing inspiration from figures like Chamath Palihapitiya and Andrew Wilkinson, both millionaires who have activated paid s...

How SGE Will Dramatically Change Your SEO Traffic #2620
November 28, 2023

In episode #2620, We delve into the impact of Google's search generative experience (SGE) on SEO traffic. SGE, an AI-generated response providing instant answers in search results, is poised to alter ...

Critical Agency Acquisition Mistakes #2619
November 27, 2023

In episode #2619, We delve into the crucial mistakes to steer clear of when acquiring an agency, drawing from our own experiences and aiming to offer valuable insights to those contemplating a similar...

Are Agencies Ripe For Rollups? #2618
November 26, 2023

In episode #2618, We delve into the question of whether agencies are ready for roll-ups, the process of acquiring and merging multiple companies in the same industry. We highlight the potential advant...