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Ahead of the Curve Internet Marketing with Lucas Lee-Tyson
March 24, 2021

Ahead of the Curve Internet Marketing with Lucas Lee-Tyson

In this episode, we talk to Lucas Lee-Tyson, founder of Growth Cave, about cutting-edge internet marketing in 2021. Growth Cave is a company that helps businesses large and small to dominate their industries online by implementing ‘ahead of the curve’ online marketing strategies. Lucas talks about the services his company offers, how he got into internet marketing, and the hand-to-hand combat approach he used to secure his first clients. He also gets into metrics for his business, the ins and outs of his sales funnel at growthcave.com, and a few secret tips for super-targeted advertising on YouTube. Our conversation covers Lucas’ top tools for productivity and Facebook Marketing, his method of dealing with huge success at a young age, and of course, the books and influencers he has found most beneficial to his growth as an entrepreneur. Tune in today!


  • [00:29] Today’s topic: Ahead of the Curve Internet Marketing with Lucas Lee-Tyson.
  • [01:00] The services offered by Growth Cave and how Lucas got into internet marketing. 
  • [03:50] The different structures that Growth Cave uses to charge clients.
  • [05:32] Metrics for revenue and employees at Growth Cave.
  • [06:23] The hand-to-hand combat techniques that Lucas used to secure his first clients.
  • [08:01] Lucas’ goals for how he will optimize his sales funnel at growthcave.com
  • [09:57] Longer-term goals of Lucas’ for how he will utilize his capital.
  • [11:57] Lucas’ thoughts on Google and YouTube advertising versus Facebook advertising.
  • [14:02] A secret YouTube advertising strategy involving targeting trending videos.
  • [16:07] Strategies for advertising on TikTok and where things will go in the future. 
  • [17:43] Resources Lucas consults to get better as an entrepreneur.
  • [19:01] Top tools in Lucas’ marketing stack right now; Madgicx and Roam Research.
  • [22:18] How Lucas deals with ego as a successful internet marketer.
  • [24:52] Thought leaders in the marketing space that Lucas follows.
  • [25:52] Why Lucas’ favorite business books are Ready, Fire, Aim, and The Third Door.
  • [27:37] The best way to connect with Lucas online.
  • [28:03] That is it for today!
  • [28:04] Go to marketingschool.io/pro to learn more about our free community.

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Rich Schefren

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Ready, Fire, Aim

The Third Door

Leveling Up with Alex Banayan


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