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Alex Hormozi Was About to Lose Everything Until He Discovered This
August 17, 2023

Alex Hormozi sits down with Eric Siu to talk about his remarkable journey in the business world, sharing insights and wisdom gained through his experiences. Alex Hormozi provides valuable advice on business acquisitions, his playbook for scaling companies, and talks about his newest book ‘$100M Leads: How To Get Strangers To Want To Buy Your Stuff’.

[00:00] – Alex Hormozi’s business model

[09:00] – Playbook on scaling companies 10x

[15:38] – Alex Hormozi’s advice for people who want to start a business acquisition company

[20:07] – Alex Hormozi shares the difference between majority and minority holdings in terms of management and profitability

[24:00] – Alex Hormozi’s content marketing strategy evolution

[27:19] – Alex Hormozi on the TikTokification of social media

[33:00] – How Alex Hormozi creates his content

[44:04] – Alex Hormozi chose business over Leila Hormozi

[55:42] – Why Alex Hormozi agreed to a one-on-one interview with Eric Siu

[59:00] – Twitter content strategy from Alex Hormozi and how it helped him write better

[01:03:00] – $100M Leads: How To Get Strangers To Want To Buy Your Stuff

[01:09:00] – Alex Hormozi on having children and his childhood

[01:19:00] – How Alex Hormozi is planning to launch his book 

[01:27:00] – Alex Hormozi’s principle on efforts, diminishing returns, exponential returns in life and business

[01:37:00] – Organizational development tips for scaling business

[01:45:37] – Alex Hormozi on fitness and lifestyle

[01:58:17] – Where you can find Alex Hormozi’s newest book

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