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Amazon’s fastest new growing business segment… #2613
November 21, 2023

In episode #2613, We discuss Amazon’s fastest-growing business segment. We’re excited to highlight the impressive growth rate of Amazon’s advertising services, as it’s outpacing its online stores and third-party sellers. We also explore the various ways Amazon is leveraging advertising, including within their own movies and shows. Our conversation touches on the future of Amazon as an ad platform and the potential impact on sellers. Overall, our discussion emphasizes the significance of Amazon’s advertising revenue and its potential for further growth.

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(00:00) Today’s topic: Amazon’s fastest new growing business segment…

(00:09) Neil mentions that Amazon’s fastest-growing revenue sector is advertising

(00:24) Eric shares the growth rates of different segments: online stores, third-party sellers, and advertising services

(01:07) Neil mentions that Amazon’s advertising revenue for the quarter is $12.1 billion

(01:25) Discussion on how Amazon is becoming an ad platform

(02:00) Neil disagrees and says Amazon is a holding company

(02:50) Future of Amazon: more ads, more fees; future for sellers: less margin

(03:14) Neil explains the advertising opportunities within Amazon’s movies and shows

(04:19) Neil discusses the popularity of Amazon Prime and its TV version

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CNBC article on Amazon’s advertising revenue

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