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Apply Pressure or Feel It
November 12, 2023

In episode #2607, We discuss the importance of applying pressure in business. They emphasize that leaders must push their teams to achieve results, or else they will feel the pressure themselves. They provide examples of different scenarios where pressure is necessary, such as venture-backed businesses needing to hit milestones and privately owned companies aiming for personal satisfaction. They also highlight the challenges of letting go of underperforming employees and the consequences of not applying pressure. Ultimately, they stress that pressure is essential for growth and success in any business.

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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Apply Pressure or Feel It
  • (00:05) Applying pressure is important in business and leadership roles.
  • (01:30) Different businesses have different levels of pressure.
  • (02:59) Pressure is necessary for personal satisfaction and growth.
  • (03:31) Dealing with tough situations and letting go of unfit employees.
  • (04:35) Example of a business that stopped applying pressure and suffered.
  • (05:03) No pressure, no diamond – results require pressure.
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