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Are Newsletters a Good Business? Should You Do Polarizing Marketing? Why It’s Helpful to Hang Out with People You Don’t Align With, Apple’s Effective Pricing Strategy
January 18, 2024

In episode #2659, we discuss the viability of newsletters as a business model and analyze the success of popular newsletters like The Hustle and Morning Brew, which have generated significant revenue through ads and subscriptions. We argue that while newsletters can be a smart way to build an audience, monetizing them solely through subscriptions is not the most profitable approach. Instead, we suggest leveraging the newsletter’s audience to sell other products or services that can generate higher revenue.


We also highlight that newsletters can be effective for attracting high-net-worth individuals who may become future investors or clients. Furthermore, we delve into the importance of learning from people who have different perspectives and experiences, as well as the role of polarizing marketing in business. We emphasize the need to consider the long-term impact and audience preferences when deciding whether to adopt a polarizing marketing strategy.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Are Newsletters a Good Business? Should You Do Polarizing Marketing? Why It’s Helpful to Hang Out with People You Don’t Align With, Apple’s Effective Pricing Strategy.
  • (00:23) Successful newsletter businesses: The Hustle, Morning Brew
  • (01:02) Monetizing newsletters through subscriptions vs. other methods
  • (02:21) Newsletters are not the most lucrative business model
  • (03:14) Newsletters can lead to high-value opportunities with investors
  • (04:18) Focus on monetizing newsletters through other means
  • (07:08) Benefits of learning from diverse individuals
  • (08:34) The role of polarizing marketing in business
  • (09:45) Long-term strategies vs. short-term attention tactics
  • (10:28) Playing long term games with long term people
  • (11:05) Apple’s strategy of offering multiple product options
  • (12:49) Pricing strategy of offering small, medium, and large options
  • (13:50) Economist’s test on pricing options
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