Episode #
Are Rebrands A Good Idea? #2505
July 07, 2023

In episode #2505, we delve into rebranding and discuss whether it is a good idea for businesses. Join us as we explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of rebranding and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision through real-world examples. We discuss when rebranding is appropriate, bad and good examples of rebrands, essential aspects to keep in mind when rebranding, and more! Tune in to gain valuable insights into the process of rebranding and determine whether it’s the right move for your business.

[00:00] Today’s topic: Are Rebrands A Good Idea?

[00:22] Why we are not fans of rebranding.

[01:36] Rebranding when reviews are bad: Spectrum.

[02:33] Remembering a viral post about Comcast.

[02:59] Hear examples of bad rebrands and missed opportunities.

[04:29] How rebrands can complicate marketing strategies.

[05:10] Good examples of successful rebrands. 

[05:51] Important lessons from successful rebrands.

[06:05] We unpack Neil’s recent rebranding experience.

[06:52] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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