Episode #36
Best Process to Create Blog Posts that Convert Customers
September 05, 2016

In Episode #36 Eric and Neil talk about why you should create blog posts, and what the best process is to do it. Learn the tricks of the pros, and find out what resources are available to you to make your blog writing not only entertaining or educational but actually capable of converting customers.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 

  • 00:24 – How to write amazing blog posts
  • 00:35 – Educate and provide great information, and people will see you as an expert.
    • 00:55 – People will share you and refer friends to you.
  • 01:15 – The number one way they generate sign-ups for multiple companies.
  • 01:20 – Thomas Tunguz’s Post
    • 01:55 – The effects of content marketing over time
    • 02:05 – It’s like compounding interest.
  • 02:34 – You need one thing that stands out.
    • 02:45 – Long-form blog posts backed by data.
    • 03:04 – Not just content for content’s sake.
    • 03:15 – Show something unique and useful.
  • 03:29 – eHow is a great example of what you shouldn’t do.
  • 04:12 – WaitButWhy.com
    • 04:25 – Humor and long-form articles with stick figures
  • 04:50 – Updating sites over time
  • 05:26 – Write in a conversational tone.
    • 06:18 – Engaging the audience and then going into your topic
  • 06:45 – The intro, body, and conclusion
    • 07:20 – End your blog post with a question.
    • 07:45 – Don’t forget your conclusion! People will ready your conclusion first.
  • 08:20 – WP blog checklists on WordPress
  • 08:54 – Design Pickle for unlimited new images
  • 09:13 – Stock Unlimited for stock images
  • 09:30 – Hemingwayapp.com
    • 10:04 – Learn how to educate and convert customers.
  • 10:28 – Create an actual process.
  • 10:42 – That’s the end of this episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Content marketing will have a compounding effect on your sales.
  2. Structure your article with an intro, body and conclusion.
  3. Use a conversational tone and be unique.

Resources Mentioned:

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