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Bootstrapping a $50M+ Business, Growing a Twitter to 120K+ Followers with Romeen Sheth #2058
April 07, 2022

The world has experienced a tremendous amount of change in the past two years and as a result, we are currently in an ongoing state of flux. Making sense of the social landscape we find ourselves in is integral to how we navigate our lives and our careers. It is especially important for anyone involved in investing, marketing, and optimizing new business ventures. Our guest this week is intimately familiar with this dynamic and has dedicated countless hours to learning and applying his acquired knowledge to be an active contributing member of the online community while making incisive business and investment decisions. Today on the show Eric sits down with Romeen Sheth, President of Metasys, for an insightful and honest conversation on how he has used Twitter to become a better thinker, what he’s learned about investing throughout his career, and how he recognized the potential for Metsys to provide for the needs of a rapidly growing gig economy. In our conversation, Sheth explains how anyone can use Twitter to passively build an online brand and perspective, how to approach it as an acceleration tool, and why it’s so useful for connecting with interesting founders you may have never encountered otherwise. You’ll also hear a breakdown of some of Sheth’s most prominent Twitter threads including the concept of Clarity of Thought and how its contents have changed his approach to business and learning. We cover some fascinating topics in today’s conversation so make sure you tune in to hear it all!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Bootstrapping a $50M+ Business, Growing a Twitter to 120K+ Followers with Romeen Sheth.
  • [00:58] An overview of Sheth’s career and the function of Metasys.
  • [03:13] How Sheth recognized a need for a company like Metasys to support the rapidly growing gig economy.
  • [05:53] A breakdown of Sheth’s workflow and how he integrates his business with his investment activity.
  • [07:56] What Twitter means to Sheth and how he has recently grown his following.
  • [09:32] Why Sheth approaches Twitter as if he were building an online honeypot.
  • [11:41] The typical amount of time Sheth spends on a Twitter thread.
  • [13:47] Sheth’s top two pieces of advice for anyone who is entering the Twitter space, blogging, or any kind of content marketing. 
  • [14:16] Learning to strike the balance between authenticity and providing useful information online and how that helps you maintain a practice of posting.
  • [15:49] Sheth’s experience of direct message conversations on Twitter and why they tend to be more substantive than on other platforms.
  • [16:56] Why it’s valuable to view Twitter as an accelerator.
  • [18:52] What Sheth means by Clarity of Thought and how he has been honing that skill.
  • [22:18] Sheth’s learning habits and the important integration of reading, critical thinking, and application.
  • [24:46] Sheth’s definition of the Renaissance Decade and the massive amounts of change he is anticipating in the coming decades. 
  • [29:12] The investments and areas of interest that Sheth is most excited about.
  • [32:28] The average amount of time Sheth spends reading per day and how it supports his investing.
  • [33:45] Sheth’s book recommendations and profound insights into self-knowledge and what society encourages you to aspire towards.
  • [37:18] Sheth’s favorite personal and business tools.
  • [38:53] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
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