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Building The Next Pixar, Tony Robbins’ As A Father, Making The Metaverse Tangible, with Josh from Immi
October 25, 2022

Animation is a notoriously labor-intensive process and making a quality feature-length animated film can take years. It also requires countless hours of training to become a competent animator. But what if you could bring the power of animation to anyone who has a smartphone? That is the vision behind immi.io; a revolutionary new platform that empowers users to become animators using only their facial expressions! In today’s episode you’ll hear from immi.io co-founder Josh Robbins about the creation of immi.io, how it works, and some of the exciting things they have planned. In our conversation, Josh tells the story of how they partnered with AGMI Studios to create this incredible new product, their unique marketing approach, and how they are attracting partnerships from prominent brands, entertainers, and gaming platforms. We also discuss what it was like growing up with Tony Robbins as a father and what Josh learned from him about creating possibilities and helping others. To learn about the exciting new possibilities in animation, and much more, make sure you tune in today!


  • [00:35] Introducing Josh Robbins, Founder of immi.io.
  • [01:56] Learn about the animation tool, immi.io, and how it was founded.
  • [04:15] The many ways that immi.io can be used in Creator Mode, from karaoke to real estate. 
  • [04:41] Learn about the streaming service that they will be launching next month.
  • [06:11] What Josh expects from this technology in the long term.
  • [07:11] The immersive world that Josh is building with his partners at AMGI studios.
  • [08:34] Josh’s approach to marketing and how they are creating more awareness.
  • [12:45] The concept of digital ownership and how it has been facilitated by Web3.
  • [14:41] Josh’s predictions for the future worth of NFTs like Crypto Punks.
  • [16:46] An overview of the brands that AMGI is currently working with.
  • [17:17] The exciting potential partnerships between AMGI and entertainers like Coldplay and prominent K-Pop groups.
  • [19:21] How AMGI is building community while also attracting brand deals with artists, musicians, and gaming studios.
  • [20:42] How AMGI represents and evolution from traditional studios like Pixar.
  • [22:50] What it was like for Josh growing up with Tony Robbins as his father. 
  • [25:17] What Josh’s father taught him about creating possibility. 
  • [26:38] The single act of kindness that shaped Tony’s outlook on life.
  • [29:44] Find out what is in Josh’s learning stack and what he is consuming. 
  • [30:49] Hear about Josh’s current approach to investing.
  • [32:29] Where you can find Josh and learn more about immi.io, AMGI Studios, and My Pet Hooligan. 
  • [33:29] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast!
  • [33:35] Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!

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