Episode #1603
Business Lessons That Eric Learned from 2020
December 28, 2020

Business Lessons That Eric Learned from 2020

In episode #1603, we hear about the business lessons Eric has learned from 2020. We find out about his choice to slow down, the power of media as leverage, and the benefits of communicating your vision to your team. Tune in to discover Eric’s major takeaways from this year.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Business Lessons That Eric Learned from 2020.
  • [00:36] Eric’s biggest lesson: Turning inward and unlearning his programming.
  • [01:24] How the turtle Eric got from Puerto Rico reminds him to slow down.
  • [01:51] Overreacting is a lot better than not reacting.
  • [02:26] Cut quickly and do it all at once – Another big takeaway from the year.
  • [02:38] Even in the pandemic, people still crave human connection.
  • [03:03] Media is still an incredibly high form of leverage.
  • [03:09] The benefits Eric has seen spending more time on Twitter and YouTube. 
  • [04:13] Communicate the overall vision of your activities to your team.
  • [04:56] That’s it for today!
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Only the Paranoid Survive

Andrew S. Grove


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