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Clickfunnels CMO John Parkes Reveals Key Marketing Hacks That Scaled Them Past $150M Revenue
September 17, 2020

In this special episode of Marketing School we speak to the ‘traffic guy’, John Parkes, who is CMO of ClickFunnels! At Marketing School we are big fans of the company and their amazing co-founder, Russel Brunson, and today we get to further expand our understanding of this incredible and inspirational company with John! The conversation covers their magic sauce, John’s thoughts on how to improve and move up in a company, the strategies that have been working well at ClickFunnels recently, and how you can go about building your own community, just like they have! Tune in to hear it all!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Embracing the World of Paid Traffic with John Parkes.
  • [01:24] John’s background and how he ended up in his current role.
  • [02:21] The steps that led to John getting into the world of traffic.
  • [03:10] ClickFunnel’s revenue numbers and the effect of the pandemic.
  • [03:39] The free trial and array of resources you can find on the ClickFunnels website.
  • [04:11] New strategies that John and his team are trying out currently.
  • [05:54] Which of Russel Brunson’s three books to start with!
  • [06:24] Understanding the idea of the ‘front end’ and how ClickFunnels use the term.
  • [07:29] The tools and frameworks that keep things rolling at ClickFunnels.
  • [09:22] The challenge funnels that John and his team are currently offering clients. 
  • [12:15] Projects that ClickFunnel experiment with — some work and some do not!
  • [13:51] Recent steps that the company has taken to up-sell their customers.
  • [15:00] The collection of courses at ClickFunnels and how much it has grown.
  • [15:51] John’s ‘set it and forget it’ formula for retargeting ads on Facebook.
  • [18:43] The little hack that John has recently implemented for Facebook ads!
  • [19:54] Methods for recycling older ads that were successful in the past.
  • [20:57] The components of the operating system of the ClickFunnels marketing team!
  • [23:35] Important parts of the marketing stack at the company.
  • [25:56] The two biggest lessons that John has learned on his journey with traffic.
  • [28:47] Exploring the ClickFunnels community and the conference they hold.
  • [30:50] John’s recommendations for building your own community.
  • [31:35] Why John loves Voxer; starting direct, convenient conversations.
  • [34:45] Resources and people that John follows to up his marketing game.
  • [35:12] John’s best marketing book recommendation.
  • [35:48] Exciting news about the Build Your Brand Challenge at ClickFunnels!
  • [36:36] How to find and connect with John online and his tip for a challenge to start with.
  • [37:10] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information or call us on 310-349-3785!


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