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Communities as the new SEO, Airbnb’s customer service fiasco, Elon takes ‘likes’ private, & more
June 28, 2024

In episode #2768, we discuss the growing role of communities like Reddit in SEO and the impact of poor customer service on reputations, citing Airbnb. We note Twitter’s private likes boost engagement and emphasize the importance of practical AI applications, praising Apple for user-focused AI solutions.

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(00:00) Today’s topic: Communities as the new SEO, Airbnb’s customer service fiasco, Elon takes ‘likes’ private, & more

(01:00) Why communities are the new SEO

(02:12) Airbnb’s customer service fiasco

(11:11) Elon takes ‘likes’ private and they shoot up 10%

(13:55) Is it worth tying AI into your messaging so you can get more buzz?

(14:12) Apple stock surges by more than $200B by announcing AI features

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