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Counterintuitive YouTube Growth Tips #2266
November 02, 2022

In episode #2266, Neil and Eric talk about counterintuitive YouTube growth tips. Tuning in you’ll hear about some of the most surprising methods you can use to elevate your channel, from finding your optimal length to writing attractive headlines. Discover how the YouTube algorithm is evolving, what type of content users prefer, and why likes and subscribers don’t matter nearly as much as you may think!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Counterintuitive YouTube Growth Tips.
  • [00:25] How YouTube’s algorithm understands which video length you prefer.
  • [01:01] Why you should generate your own transcripts.
  • [01:47] Why your number of likes and subscribers don’t matter as much as you may think.
  • [02:29] What you need to know about clickbait headlines.
  • [03:03] The value of translating your videos.
  • [03:34] How much you should invest in your production quality. 
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