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Creating Steve Aoki’s Netflix Documentary, A0k1verse NFTs, and more with Matt Colon #2051
March 31, 2022

In today’s episode, we continue our NFT compilation series where we take a nuanced look at NFTs, the implementation of Web3, and how it will affect business and marketing in the future. For today’s installment, we get together with Matt Colon, Global President of Music at YMU, to talk about his work with Steve Aoki, the documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, and the launch of A0k1verse NFTs. In our conversation, Matt gives an overview of how NFTs feature in the music industry, why it’s so much more complex than NFTs that are made to trade visual art, and how the concept of ownership has transformed in the digital era. Tuning in you’ll hear Matt break down how they built a tokenized membership community, their long-term vision for the project, and how NFTs are connecting audiences and musicians in a novel and unprecedented way. Matt describes the future ecosystem he envisions, how digital passports would work, and some of the artists who are already involved. He also delves into his thoughts on Web3, the importance of storytelling, and why he is preparing for a massive paradigm shift. To learn more about NFTs, Web3, and the music industry, be sure to tune in today!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Creating Steve Aoki’s Netflix Documentary, A0k1verse NFTs, and more with Matt Colon.
  • [00:20] Introducing today’s guest Matt Colon, Global President of Music at YMU.
  • [01:07] Matt’s background and some of the figures he’s worked with like Steve Aoki.
  • [02:17] An overview of how the world of NFTs relates to the music industry in general.
  • [04:53] What NFTs can accomplish for musicians.
  • [07:03] Matt’s perspective on the value of NFTs and the concept of ownership in the digital age.
  • [10:28] How Steve Aoki is tackling NFTs and mobilizing his fanbase.
  • [12:15] Steve’s broad reach and his incredible touring record. 
  • [12:48] A breakdown of the tokenized community they have built for Steve Aoki.
  • [14:30] A0k1verse and the long-term goals of their NFT project.
  • [18:25] The documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, which Matt produced, about Steve Aoki, and how it has affected Steve’s brand.
  • [20:04] How its Netflix release changed the documentary’s impact.
  • [21:19] Steve’s relationship with the director and how the documentary became a father-son story. 
  • [24:11] Matt shares his ten-year outlook on NFTs, Web3, and the accompanying paradigm shift.
  • [28:50] Matt shares his favorite book of the moment.
  • [29:11] Why you shouldn’t have to micromanage your employees.
  • [31:49] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
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