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Creative Ways To Use ChatGPT for Marketing #2339
January 14, 2023

In episode #2339, Neil and Eric share their thoughts on creative ways to use ChatGPT for Marketing. While ChatGPT has implications extending across industries, it is relevant for marketing too, and can help you to communicate with customers and boost conversions. Find out how when you tune in today!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT for Marketing. 
  • [00:27] A quick recap on ChatGPT by Open AI. 
  • [00:53] Some of the implications behind ChatGPT.
  • [01:09] Ways in which ChatGPT is relevant for marketing.
  • [01:26] How ChatGPT can help you to communicate with customers and boost conversions.
  • [01:56] Using ChatGPT to create outlines.
  • [02:18] An example of using ChatGPT to create a script before making a video from scratch.
  • [03:04] Using ChatGPT to create landing pages. 
  • [03:24] A prediction for how ChatGPT will monetize in the future.
  • [04:19] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
  • [04:20] An invitation to join us in Miami on 12 February for Leveling Up Founders.
  • [04:32] Go to https://marketingschool.io/live to learn more!


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