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Dangers of AI Content, The Death of Agencies, Best-kept SEO Secret, and The North Face’s Genius Marketing Move (Reactions Dec 2023 Week 2)
December 27, 2023

In episode #2645, We discuss various topics related to marketing and technology, including our reaction to a tweet about the risks of using AI-generated content for big brands. We emphasize the importance of having a human in the loop. Furthermore, we delve into the changing landscape of advertising and the rise of performance Max campaigns. We share insights on the agency model and stress the importance of effectively conveying value to clients. Additionally, we explore the significance of building a brand in SEO and discuss how brand queries contribute to organic search traffic.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Dangers of AI Content, The Death of Agencies, Best-kept SEO Secret, and The North Face’s Genius Marketing Move (Reactions Dec 2023 Week 2)
  • (00:11) Ross Hudgens’ post on AI-generated content and reputation risk for big brands
  • (02:01) Importance of fresh and new content for audience engagement
  • (03:13) Moving from AWS to Google Cloud for better data analysis
  • (03:39) Performance Max campaigns and the need for human intervention
  • (05:43) The agency model is dead?
  • (05:57) Performance Max campaigns can drive junk leads without human intervention
  • (07:11) Rise in pushback against management fees in the ad world
  • (08:01) Focus on performance and ROI rather than management fees
  • (09:06) Conveying value to clients to justify pricing
  • (09:39) Percentage of SEO traffic generated by billion-dollar companies from brand names
  • (10:27) Neil shares the percentages of organic search traffic based on revenue size
  • (11:33) The key takeaway is that big corporations get the majority of their organic search traffic from their brand
  • (12:04) Building a brand and using omnichannel marketing is important for SEO success
  • (13:10) Eric introduces a TikTok video where a woman complains about her North Face rain jacket not being waterproof
  • (15:01) The importance of social listening
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