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Do Offline Ads Work? #2509
July 14, 2023

In episode #2509, we’re exploring the effectiveness of offline ads. We investigate why B2B companies invest in airport ads and examine the factors affecting the success of offline ads. You’ll learn how to creatively engage your target audience and differentiate yourself in a saturated marketing landscape. Tune in for insights on leveraging offline ads for maximum impact!

[00:00] Today’s topic: Do offline ads work?

[00:13] The effectiveness of offline ads, including billboards and airport ads.

[01:48] How offline ads are evolving to merge with digital platforms.

[02:20] Factors affecting the success of offline ads.

[04:38] Why IT marketers should focus on creativity rather than technical details.

[05:12] The importance of evoking emotion to drive customer interest.

[05:36] Why unique campaigns make effective campaigns.

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