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Does the Skyscraper Technique Work in 2021? #1673
March 12, 2021

Does the Skyscraper Technique Work in 2021?

In episode #1673, we discuss whether the Skyscraper Technique still works in 2021. We have spoken often about this great method for creating content and links, developed by our good friend Brian Dean, but we thought it was about time to reevaluate its use in the new year. Tune in to hear about how it can still be effective, misunderstandings to avoid, and a whole lot more!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Does the Skyscraper Technique Work in 2021?
  • [00:28] A refresher on the Skyscraper Technique and the brains behind it, Brian Dean.
  • [01:14] Ways in which the technique is still working and how it is being misunderstood too.
  • [02:37] Word count is not the most important thing, it’s about value.
  • [03:54] The example of Wikipedia and why this proves the importance of updating content.
  • [04:37] Usability, links and more to improve you traffic!
  • [04:56] That is it for today!
  • [04:59] Go to marketingschool.io/pro for 14 days free in our marketing community!


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