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Entitlement Has Creeped In After The Last Two Years. Here’s How To Deal With It. #2197
August 24, 2022

In episode #2197, Neil and Eric talk about the entitlement that has crept in over the past two years and how to deal with it. When workers have been with a company for a while they might become attached to certain perks and benefits. Unfortunately, economic environments aren’t always on the upswing, and sometimes companies need to adapt to harsh economic realities. Tune in as we discuss what happens when workers become complacent or entitled, what can be done to avoid it, and how to address it in your company.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Entitlement Has Creeped In After The Last Two Years. Here’s How To Deal With It.
  • [00:30] An overview of what we mean by entitlement, and how it was demonstrated during a recent meeting at Meta.
  • [02:01] Why you want your staff to be adaptable, especially when the economy is volatile.
  • [02:26] How to address entitlement creep in your company.
  • [03:14] Why hiring good people is the best way to grow your company.
  • [04:43] How employees with a bad attitude affect their teammates.
  • [05:02] Eric’s weekly newsletter at Single Grain and how he has addressed entitlement.
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