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Entrepreneur’s First – The $10B Founder Bootcamp That Invests In Early Stage Founders
July 14, 2022

There are a host of cultural, environmental, geographical, and personal factors that determine how likely individuals are to become founders and entrepreneurs. And yet, one of the most persistent myths about entrepreneurship continues to be that founders are born rather than made. In today’s episode, we get together with Matt Clifford, CEO and Founder of Entrepreneur First (EF) to discuss the misconceptions around entrepreneurship, and unpack the groundbreaking methods that EF is using to connect aspiring founders with one another in six countries and counting. Tuning in you’ll learn how EF was founded, the methods they’ve used to build their talent networks, and the traits they look for when identifying potential founders. We discuss how entrepreneurship differs depending on the country you’re in and why predetermined paths can often be so unfulfilling. Matt also shares how EF was affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, the rise of remote work, and what this natural experiment taught him about the importance of in-person bonding between potential founders and co-workers in general. EF’s mission is built on the righteous belief that what the most talented people choose to do with their lives matters deeply and plays an integral role in shaping the society and economy of any country. Tune in for this inspiring conversation as we discuss the power of entrepreneurship and why the world needs more founders!


  • [00:30] Today’s topic: Entrepreneur First – The $10B Founder Bootcamp That Invests In Early Stage Founders.
  • [01:06] An overview of Entrepreneur First (EF) and how they help people connect with other aspiring founders. 
  • [03:27] Examples of companies where EF played a crucial role in bringing their founders together.
  • [05:15] Why EF is well-positioned to help you during the earliest stage of the founding process and how Y Combinator helps companies that are ready to accelerate.
  • [06:41] A brief look at the early days of EF.
  • [08:23] A breakdown of the process EF uses to foster, connect, and support co-founders. 
  • [11:26] The support within the EF community and how they help alumni.
  • [14:02] An overview of EF’s acceptance criteria.
  • [15:26] Why the paths to success look different depending on the country you’re in.
  • [18:50] An outline of how EF’s internal teams are structured around the world.
  • [20:59] The methods that EF uses to map talent networks.
  • [22:49] How global economic trends have affected venture capitalists in the past two years.
  • [25:24] The returns that EF investors have seen over the past seven years.
  • [28:50] How the pandemic affected EF and the role of remote work in their company.
  • [32:59] Matt’s reading habits and how they were disrupted by the pandemic and having children.
  • [34:40] The advice that helped Matt finally finish Ulysses.
  • [36:08] Matt’s impressive dedication to note keeping and why he uses Obsidian. 
  • [38:05] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast!
  • [38:13] Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!


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