Episode #283
Eric and Neil’s Biggest Marketing Frustrations
May 10, 2017

In Episode #283, Eric and Neil discuss their biggest marketing frustrations. Tune in to learn why it’s OK to have marketing frustrations, the importance of sticking with them, and how you can keep ON TOP of the never-ending marketing strategies, tools, and trends. 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: Eric and Neil’s Biggest Marketing Frustrations
  • 00:37 – People are expecting things to happen quickly
  • 01:16 – When you STICK with your marketing problems long enough, you are bound to solve more and more of those issues
  • 01:24 – Neil uses Infusionsoft for marketing automation
  • 01:54 – Don’t go with the tools that are easiest to use, but use the ones that have the right features to grow your business
  • 02:14 – Eric is looking to hire creative people for his paid advertising team
  • 02:25 – When you’re hiring people, make sure you hire the learners who are really creative
  • 03:00 – With emails, it’s quite hard to get good deliverability
    • 03:20 – Hotmail is the hardest one
  • 03:29 – “There’s always this new stuff going on with marketing, all the time”
  • 03:45 – Eric always like to learn, but it’s hard to stay on top of his game
    • 03:55 – “My frustration is not being able to touch everything”
  • 03:59 – If you hire a really good team, just let them go
  • 04:10 – One of Eric’s friends from Entrepreneurs’ Organization just grew his company from $3M to $22M in revenue
    • 04:23 – That friend just hired a really good team
  • 04:35 – It’s OK to have marketing frustrations
    • 04:45 – “You don’t have to be perfect to create a big business, you just have to do 1 thing right”
  • 05:00 – Prioritize!
    • 05:12 – Prioritize better, otherwise, you get stuck with all the frustrations
  • 05:21 – Marketing School is giving away access to Mixmax, a sales and marketing outreach tool
    • 05:53 – Subscribe, rate and review Marketing School
    • 05:56 – Text MARKETINGSCHOOL to 33444
  • 06:16 – You can try a lot of tools with the same features to find the one that fits your business well
  • 06:30 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Use the tools that will work well with your business and that will GROW it, not just those that are easiest to use.
  2. Hire a GREAT team that will help you grow your business – you can’t do it all by yourself.
  3. Use your frustrations as motivation to move forward and improve. Simply put, STICK with it!

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