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Exposing Secrets From a Founder’s Retreat
February 29, 2024

In episode #2688, we discuss our recent founders’ retreat in Phoenix, Arizona, where we gathered with a group of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. We share insights and lessons learned from the retreat, including the importance of focusing on the middle 60% of the sales funnel, the value of effective follow-up with leads, and the power of negotiation tactics in business deals. We also touch on the concept of buying towns as a unique investment strategy.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Exposing Secrets From a Founder’s Retreat
  • (01:34) Discussion on the importance of middle-of-the-funnel marketing
  • (02:54) Implementing lead-to-auto message and nurturing conversations
  • (05:36) Debate on removing budget from agency websites
  • (07:09) Importance of retreats for learning through osmosis
  • (07:58) Discovering that some successful individuals are actually in debt
  • (08:40) It’s not a profitable business. They use a lot of cash to buy other businesses.
  • (08:56) Many companies have their net worth tied up in non-liquidatable stocks.
  • (09:27) Syed’s negotiation tactic involves using an assistant to make it seem like he has no time for demos.
  • (10:06) Neil Patel suggests having a team handle demo calls and ask for the best price.
  • (12:01) Eric Siu shares how Al Doan buys towns, but it’s unclear what he does with them.
  • (13:33) Some members of the group own stakes in towns, though not in expensive areas.
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