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Focus on Conversions and Then Traffic #2292
November 28, 2022

In episode #2292, we talk about why you should focus on conversions first and then traffic. We believe that your conversion rate is the most vital metric when it comes to digital marketing. While both conversions and traffic are essential to your business, having thousands of visitors to your website is no good if they aren’t actually buying your products or services. Tune in today to find out how to grow your bottom line with conversion rate optimization, plus so much more!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Focus on Conversions and Then Traffic.
  • [00:25] The disproportionate focus on traffic in marketing.
  • [00:56] Why you should focus on conversions first if you want to optimize revenue.
  • [01:51] How to optimize your conversion rate to grow your bottom line.
  • [02:06] Why resource allocation is critical for any business.
  • [02:10] An example that illustrates how focusing on traffic can be a waste of time.
  • [03:31] Common metric-tracking mistakes we see companies make.
  • [03:58] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
  • [04:00] Go to https://marketingschool.io/live to learn more!


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