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From 0 to 300K Sessions: Is Psychedelic Therapy The Ultimate Treatment for Mental Health Issues?
September 06, 2023

Dylan Beynon, CEO of Mindbloom, talks about why he started this company, the impact of Ketamine and MDMA therapy in our society, and how this industry is just going to grow bigger in the future.

[00:00] – Know more about Dylan Beynon and his company, Mindbloom

[02:30] – Why did Dylan Beynon start Mindbloom

[06:22] – Dylan Beynon talks more about MDMA therapy

[13:30] – Pricing and treatment programs that Mindbloom offer

[15:30] – Dylan Beynon’s personal opinion on MDMA and Ketamine therapy

[22:12] – The largest peer review clinical study for psychedelic and ketamine therapy 

[25:20] – The best mental health tool for Dylan Beynon

[27:53] – Dylan Beynon talks about Vipassana Meditation

[36:00] – Where to find Dylan Beynon and learn more about Mindbloom

Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!

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