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Gamestop buys FaZe for $17M (prev $725M); Better.com 97% down, Hopin sells for $15M after raising $1B; Hello Bello bankrupts #2605
November 10, 2023

In episode #2605, We discuss recent acquisitions and business failures in the current market. We highlight the importance of discipline and patience when considering acquisitions, as well as the need to thoroughly evaluate the potential risks and liabilities involved. We also emphasize the advantage of founder-led businesses during challenging times, as founders are often more willing to grind it out and find creative solutions. We caution against rushing into deals and stress the need for thorough due diligence to avoid costly mistakes.

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[00:00] Today’s topic: Gamestop buys FaZe for $17M (prev $725M); Better.com 97% down, Hopin sells for $15M after raising $1B; Hello Bello bankrupts

[00:30] Discussion about GameStop’s acquisition of Phase Clan

[00:38] Mention of a company called Better and its acquisition

[00:53] Introduction to Hello Bellow, a diaper company

[01:17] Hello Bellow’s financial struggles and liabilities

[02:22] Non-private equity-backed companies performing well

[03:16] Founder-led businesses thrive in tough times

[04:13] Founders stepping back into their businesses

[04:52] Fire sale prices and lack of VC investments

[05:43] Caution when buying at fire sale prices due to hidden costs

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

GameStop just bought Phase Clan for $17 million

Hello Bello filed for bankruptcy

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