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Google’s huge flop with woke Gemini, Google’s search results getting worse, and Google News Showing Political Bias
February 27, 2024

In episode #2686, we delve into the issue of political bias in Google News and its implications on the information people consume. We refer to a study conducted by AllSides, revealing that 61% of the articles on Google News originate from left-leaning news websites, while only 3% come from right-leaning websites. We express our concern about the absence of neutrality in the algorithms and AI that dictate the content users encounter, highlighting the potential for censorship and control of information.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Google’s huge flop with woke Gemini, Google’s search results getting worse, and Google News Showing Political Bias
  • (01:03) Eric Siu and Neil Patel emphasize the importance of neutrality in coding algorithms and AI.
  • (02:11) Eric Siu mentions Elon Musk’s statement on the price of buying Twitter for restoring freedom.
  • (02:23) Neil Patel talks about the censorship of a short video on marketing school.
  • (03:26) Eric Siu and Neil Patel discuss the removal of the image feature from Google Gemini.
  • (04:22) Neil Patel mentions a tweet about programming algorithms for Gemini to be “woke.”
  • (05:36) Eric Siu and Neil Patel discuss the influence of media companies and propaganda.
  • (06:18) Eric Siu mentions Trump selling gold shoes and nfts.
  • (07:35) Eric Siu highlights the power of Trump’s brand and his ability to sell various products.
  • (09:02) Neil Patel discusses the lack of revenue and negative value of a business.
  • (09:10) The power of branding and the stock market performance of a company.
  • (09:45) Neil Patel shares his experience using Google as a search engine and the issues he has encountered.
  • (10:56) Neil Patel expresses frustration with Google ranking other people’s content over his own.
  • (12:32) Neil Patel discusses the bias and potential manipulation in Google search results.
  • (14:29) Eric Siu states that merit is the only form of discrimination that matters.
  • (15:14) Neil Patel talks about hiring based on qualifications and performance rather than personal characteristics.
  • (16:11) Eric Siu discusses the effectiveness of remote work for high performers.
  • (16:24) That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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