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Here’s What Messed Up Your Marketing #2305
December 11, 2022

In episode #2305, Neil and Eric highlight the things that messed up your marketing. Not every campaign is going to succeed. In fact, the unfortunate reality is that most will fail. If you want to reduce your failure rate, however, you must focus on the fundamentals. If you are frustrated that your marketing strategy isn’t working, this is the episode for you! Tuning in today, you’ll learn how to fine-tune your leadership, zero in on the right problems, build a team that will lead you to success, and more.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Here’s What Messed Up Your Marketing.
  • [00:26] Unpacking the biggest challenge for every marketing campaign: people.
  • [01:24] Why do the best people know how to focus on the right problems?
  • [02:21] Tips for building a successful marketing team.
  • [03:05] What Chamath Palihapitiya says about building teams on the Lex Fridman Podcast.
  • [03:18] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
  • [03:22] Go to https://marketingschool.io/live to learn more!


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