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Episode #1076
Here’s What You Should Do If You Lost Traffic From the June 2019 Update
July 12, 2019

In episode #1076, we discuss what you should do if you lost traffic from Google’s June update. Tune in to hear what you can do to salvage your rankings.


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: Here’s What You Should Do If You Lost Traffic From the June 2019 Update
  • [00:45] The June update wasn’t named anything specific.
  • [00:50] It was a core update and people lost a lot of keyword rankings.
  • [01:30] Eric found that even though he lost keywords, the keywords for which they already ranked, got better.
  • [02:40] There’s no clear trend, as it seems like a wash.
  • [03:05] Look at the sites and pages that are ranking in the top ten and learn from what they are doing.
  • [04:25] When these updates happen, it can be a crapshoot.
  • [04:45] Updating content helps you maintain your rankings.
    [04:50] That’s it for today!
  • [04:59] We are going to take applications for live intensive sessions. Just go to the Marketing School site for more information and to apply.

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