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How AutoGPTs Will Change Business & Marketing #2440
April 30, 2023

In episode #2440, we discuss the ways in which AutoGPTs are going to change business and marketing forever. AutoGPTs differ from ChatGPT in that they don’t require human assistance to function optimally, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. Today, we share some examples of AutoGPTs and their capabilities and explain how they can be used to aid those in marketing roles. Tune in to hear how AutoGPTs are rapidly changing the business landscape and how they’re predicted to be regulated, going forward. 

[00:00] Today’s topic: How AutoGPTs are going to change business and marketing forever.

[00:05] A recap of the previous episode.

[00:13] What ChatGPT is and the humanitarian assistance required for it to function optimally.

[00:50] What AutoGPTs are; how they differ from ChatGPT.

[01:12] How AutoGPTs increase efficiency.

[01:53] Examples of AutoGPTs and their capabilities.

[03:27] The risk of bad actors in the AI space.

[03:33] How business and marketing are going to change.

[04:37] How AutoGPTs can aid marketing professionals.

[04:51] The potential regulation of AI and AutoGPTs.

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Axios scoop: ‘Schumer lays groundwork for Congress to regulate AI’

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