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How Dr. Ali Abdaal Quit His Job, Grew His YouTube to 2.6M Subs & Is Now Doing $4M+ a Year #2023
March 03, 2022

In episode #2023, Eric talks with Dr. Ali Abdaal about how he quit his job, grew his YouTube to 2.6m subs, and is now doing $4m+ a year. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ali had been a practicing doctor for only two years. For Ali, it seemed logical to use YouTube to reach a broader audience and introduce them to the educational content he was already producing for aspiring doctors and YouTubers. Since then, Ali’s side business has grown substantially. They have grown from four to 17 employees, and in 2021 their earnings hit amazing heights when they reached over four million in revenue. In our conversation we talk about Ali’s experiences growing up in a family that expected him to be a doctor, how reading The four-hour workweek changed his life, and why teaching is his truest passion. Later, Ali shares his feelings around goal-setting and the dangers of setting goals that are actually demotivating. He explains how setting the wrong goal paralyzed his writing process and why his only goal now is writing a book that he’s proud of. Being a voracious reader Ali has plenty of book recommendations to share, from books on executive leadership to storytelling, each of which has had a unique impact on his life. We also hear from Ali about his two podcasts and take a closer look at how to grow your podcast audience. Today’s episode is jam-packed with insightful anecdotes and advice on how to excel at life and business, so make sure you tune in to hear it all!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: how Dr. Ali Abdaal quit his job, grew his YouTube to 2.6m subs and is now doing $4m+ a year.
  • [01:20] Get to know today’s guest, Dr. Ali Abdaal, and how he went from being a doctor to a creator.
  • [03:15] What Ali’s YouTube channel focused on when he first started it. 
  • [05:51] How Ali’s side hustle earns him $3 million a year and why YouTube forms the foundation for it.
  • [06:58] Ali’s plans for the future and why teaching is his true passion.
  • [09:05] Why Ali has an aversion to traditional goal setting, and how he prefers to structure his aspirations.
  • [11:08] Why Ali’s current top priority is writing a book that he is proud of. 
  • [12:07] How Ali’s business has grown and it’s main sources of revenue.
  • [13:48] Some of the core lessons Ali has learned in his transition from creator to entrepreneur.
  • [17:31] The book that Ali is currently working on and why it’s important to him.
  • [20:30] The two podcasts that Ali is a part of and why he enjoys it. 
  • [22:08] Some of the ways to grow your podcast audience.
  • [24:15] How Ali learns and retains information based on the medium he’s using.
  • [27:26] Ali’s favorite book of 2020.
  • [28:38] Ali’s most important business tool. 
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