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How He Built A Billion Dollar Network From Scratch
March 13, 2024

Eric Siu interviews Greg Isenberg, the CEO of Sora, delving into the nuances of community building. Greg, a master in this domain, shares insights on fostering online communities for substantial growth. They explore the future of programming, the importance of design skills, and the power of social media. Greg also discusses the role of AI in entrepreneurship and the challenges of diversity and inclusion.


Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/kdnX63OEP5I



  • (00:00) Greg Isenberg has built communities of various sizes, from dozens to millions of people.
  • (06:24) Greg Isenberg shares a story of paying for an expensive dinner as a teenager.
  • (08:41) Greg Isenberg recounts attending a party at a co-founder of PayPal’s house.
  • (10:02) Greg Isenberg talks about his experience with StumbleUpon and how it led to the sale of his company.
  • (12:19) Greg Isenberg discusses his interest in AI and how it relates to his innovation agency, LCA.
  • (14:44) Greg Isenberg explains his approach to starting businesses as Twitter accounts or Discord communities.
  • (16:49) Eric Siu and Greg Isenberg discuss the trend of influencer-led agencies and the importance of going deep into a business rather than starting new ones.
  • (18:25) Greg Isenberg explains why solopreneurship may not work for everyone and the benefits of having a team.
  • (20:28) Eric Siu and Greg Isenberg discuss the challenges and potential success of hiring CEOs and GMs for businesses.
  • (22:23) Eric Siu and Greg Isenberg discuss the importance of experience and expertise in giving advice.
  • (25:46) Eric and Greg discuss their approach to coaching and supporting the businesses they invest in.
  • (27:26) Greg shares his perspective on the future of venture capital, emphasizing the value of adding more than just financing to startups.


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