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How Immutable Plans To Build a $1T Business
February 08, 2023

In this special episode of Marketing School, we are very happy to welcome Robbie Ferguson, the Co-Founder of the blockchain gaming company Immutable. Robbie joins us to talk about the company, his vision for the world of digital assets, and how he and his team are going about building a market-leading company. Robbie sheds some light on his history with gaming, his favorite thinkers and books, and where he sees the evolution of the blockchain heading. We also touch on the company culture at Immutable, the focus on making good hires, and a little about their current marketing strategy. So if you want to hear about all of this and much more, be sure to join us!

[00:25] Today’s topic: How Immutable Plans To Build a $1T Business.

[00:48] The quickest and simplest description of Immutable and what they do.

[02:18] Robbie talks about his gaming background and favorite games growing up. 

[06:59] Thoughts on the current size and potential growth of the gaming industry.

[09:04] Marketing and partnerships at Immutable.

[11:50] Immutable’s recruiting strategy and what they offer developers.

[14:45] The growth trajectory at the company and the priority on high-quality games. 

[18:34] Scaling from the leader’s perspective; Robbie talks about the importance of hiring.

[20:43] Previous businesses that Robbie and his brother have run.

[23:03] Robbie talks about the future of Web3 and the elements that Robbie is most excited about.

[25:34] Immutable’s stance on mergers and acquisitions. 

[26:30] The efficacy of sponsorships within a strong marketing strategy.

[27:38] Robbie’s main sources of learning, favorite books, and his podcast and reading habits.

[28:33] Thoughts on healthier practices for running a business.

[29:45] The recruiting process that Robbie has used to grow an amazing team.

[31:02] How to find Robbie and Immutable online.

[31:20] Go to https://www.marketingschool.io for more resources!

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Scaling Up

The Hard Thing About Hard Things 

Tim Ferriss

Radical Candor

The Great CEO Within

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