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How Morning Brew Grew Into A $75M+ E-mail Juggernaut (And The Future of Media) #2016
February 24, 2022

In episode #2016, Eric talks with Alex Lieberman about how Morning Brew grew into a $75M+ email juggernaut, and the future of media. Morning Brew is a media company that has redefined the business news landscape through approachable, digestible, and downright funny content! Co-founded by Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief in 2015 at the University of Michigan, the company has grown from producing an exceptional daily newsletter for business leaders, to so much more. Tuning in you’ll hear from Alex about how they built Morning Brew from the ground up, their continually evolving marketing strategies, and what it was like selling a controlling stake of the company to Business Insider. We talk about the role of paid acquisitions and growth marketing, and Alex recounts how one of their most successful creative ads led to them transitioning from Facebook adverts to using influencers on TikTok and YouTube. Alex also shares the details of how he started the Founders Journal Podcast and gives listeners a sneak peek into his upcoming podcast called Imposters, where he interviews esteemed athletes, artists, and business leaders about the biggest challenges they’ve faced in their lives and careers. Make sure you tune in for this thought-provoking and exciting conversation to learn more about what it takes to build a successful media company!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: How Morning Brew Grew Into A $75M+ E-mail Juggernaut (And The Future of Media).
  • [01:02] Get to know today’s guest, Alex Lieberman, and how he created Morning Brew. 
  • [02:32] Some of the reasons why Morning Brew grew as quickly as it did.
  • [03:36] The role of paid acquisitions, growth marketing, and good relationships.
  • [04:13] How one of their most successful ads led them to transition from Facebook to using influencers for platforms like TikTok and YouTube.
  • [06:09] How Alex determined his role at Morning Brew and what he is working on right now. 
  • [10:46] Alex’s thoughts on the next phase of his career and founding new companies.
  • [13:53] The story of how Alex started The Founder’s Journal Podcast.
  • [16:22] The challenge Alex faced when he was selling Morning Brew while also doing his podcast.
  • [18:28] How often Alex records his podcasts and the topics that resonate most with his audience. 
  • [22:07] Future media trends that Alex is excited about.
  • [23:13] The creator economy and how Morning Brew supports creators who don’t necessarily want to be entrepreneurs.
  • [26:09] How the scope of Morning Brew as a media empire has increased.
  • [28:16] Alex shares his profound book recommendation.
  • [29:17] Why the screen time app on Alex’s phone is currently his favorite business tool. 
  • [30:29] Some of the ways that Alex takes care of his mental health.
  • [31:15] Alex’s upcoming podcast, Imposters, and how it explores the biggest personal challenges that his guests have had to overcome.
  • [32:10] That’s it for today!
  • [32:10] Go to https://marketingschool.io/live to learn more!


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